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Jaspar the Dreamy Elephant

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    Jaspar the Dreamy Elephant is so much more than a cuddly toy or a conventional soother. He’s the first sleep aid designed to help develop the bond between you and your baby - use his voice record function to personalise Jaspar by recording your own loving message, giving your baby comfort and security whey they need it most. 

    Here are some of the brilliant things Jaspar can do:

    ✨Record up to 20 minutes of your own voice (which can be erased and recorded as many times as you like).

    ✨If your baby stirs or wakes in the night or during naptime, Jaspar will re-play the last sound used to help soothe your little one back to restful sleep. 

    ✨Jaspar has 6 crisp, clear sleep-conditioning white and pink noise sounds, including a real womb heartbeat, vacuum cleaner and hairdryer sounds, birds chirping and sea waves. Each sound plays for 45 minutes. 

    ✨Jaspar has a warm, glowing red light on his tummy. Red light is scientifically proven to help induce sleep for both babies and adults. 

    ✨Easy to carry. 

    ✨Jaspar’s footpads have colourful and easily recognisable symbols for the different sleep sounds, king it quick and easy to select your little one’s favourite sound. 

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